8/20/19 NEVADA-The Las Vegas Review Journal offers critical background information on the Hillygus rescue. At least they admitted the Family Court Judge Frances Doherty ran until late 2018 had obvious issues.

As a correction, Roger was never the guardian and consistently fought, along with his mother, to keep the court from creating the guardianship. Roger was removed as the trustee of the family trust in December 2015 because he was using his authority to challenge the attorneys bills...as any good loving accountable trustee should do.

8/17/19 NEVADA-Investigative reporter Terri Russell has parroted the narrative of the court and the prevailing predatory attorneys on the Hillygus case for years. Nobody else would touch the story and Terri consistently defended the system. Thankfully investigative reporters are choosing to investigate these stories, review evidence and FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Thousands of families are forever destroyed each year with a couple negligent(or complicit) decisions by the judge early on in these cases. They never look back and appeals seldom do either. They only review what is before them today and the attorneys will never admit errors are often made.

The system often dismisses perfectly executed estate documents, removes legitimate protectors, approves isolating the vulnerable, and liquidate estates and they can’t figure out why someone may be driven to fight for years and risk their own safety to protect their spouse, a parent, a sibling, a child, or someone they care deeply for.

Terri is the messenger of the messaging. The real message in this case was there was no reason to begin the 2:1 guardianship action against Gene and Susan Hillygus back in 2014 when Judge Connie Steinheimer first ruled in Roger’s favor.

8/16/19 NEVADA-It is with great sorrow I report that Roger Hillygus was arrested in Los Angeles early this morning after he was reported to have kidnapped his mother and ultimately surrendered to police after a several hour standoff.

All Roger is guilty of is an unwavering commitment to execute the documented wishes of his deceased father Gene and dementia impaired mother Susan. This family has been through seven years of absolute inhumanity at the hands of Washoe County Judge Frances Doherty and her allies. The experience has cost them untold emotional and psychological trauma and over $1 million.

Many of us worked diligently assisting Roger and getting this case elevated to local law enforcement and mass media and no one would touch it in Washoe County. Amazingly, once he defies the orders of a dysfunctional court, Reno and LA police department, AP, LA Times, every network in LA, and every network in Reno are all reporting the narrative the predatory attorneys have been parroting for 7 years.

Roger rescued his mother because the system was committed to exploiting Susan and destroying anyone who stood between them and her estate.



The Probate Courts can legally kidnap you loved one but if you try to be with them you will go to Jail

Jailed, The Crime.....Loving his Mom